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Here at E85 Builds we find a random car for pretty cheap and fix it up. You get to watch and read about the build step by step and see what really goes into building a really nice car. We'll include DIY's* for those of you who have the same car or for those of you who can use what we do as a general rule of thumb. Come, let's get greased up, and build!

*please note: I am not liable for what happens to your vehicle or to you these are for informational purposes only.*

image of 1974 Volkswagen Sunbug Super Beetle

Today's Project

This week we are replacing the running boards of the 1974 Sunbug Super Beetle. Let's Get Started!

Current Builds

1992 Black Acura Legend

1992 Acura Legend
(Junkyard Parts)

  • OEM Radiator support
  • OEM Brake Fluid Rez.
  • OEM Radiator
  • OEM Condenser
  • OEM Radiator Fans
  • OEM Stock Radio
1974 Sunbug Super Beetle

1974 Sunbug Super Beetle

  • Jbug's Upholstry Kit
  • Marine Grade Carpet
  • CB Performance Rods (5.4')
  • Weber Racing Cam
  • Lightened Flywheel
  • Kennedy Clutch
  • Aircooled.net L3 Heads
  • New 74mm Stroke Crankshaft
  • OEM German lifters
White 1991 Acura Legend

1991 Acura Legend
(First Car)

  • New Tires
  • Aftermarket Kenwood HU
  • Kenwood 600W Coaxials
  • LS model OEM Amp
  • Kenwood Amp
  • 12' Kenwood Sub